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Important: Dyserth Falls

The TATOC Consumer Helpline has been informed that Dyserth Falls was temporarily closed on 13th January 2015 and was due to re-open on 14th February 2015.

We have since been informed that Dyserth Falls personnel have been laid off and no dates can be given on the re-opening of the resort.

If you have bookings through an exchange company to visit the resort, we would advise that you contact that company immediately to obtain more information on your bookings.

Any fractional owners who have entered into contracts through WMB Sales/Expert Resort Solutions should contact the TATOC Consumer Helpline team on 0845 230 2430 or visit the consumer advice section of this site where you’ll find information on how to take action through the Credit Consumer Act.

If you have any payments that are contractually due to the original home resort and if you are still receiving requests for payments, you must deal directly with the original home resort.

Longstanding timeshare members at Dyserth Falls are advised to contact Continental Trustees, the resort’s trustee, (now part of FNTC) by e-mailing info@fntc.com for more information.

Dial an Exchange: 01756 749966
RCI: 0845 60 86 380
UK Resort Exchange: 01738 623959

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