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Industry plans musical memorial

The timeshare industry is coming together to launch a musical memorial to the late Ron Haylock, one of its most influential figures and leading lights.

A fund has been set up to create the ‘Ron Haylock Music Room’, which will be located at the Christel House School in South Africa, and thus linking two of his passions – music and the charity set up by his friend and RCI founder Christel DeHaan.

A fund has been set up to pay for the music room and the purchase of more instruments and additional music teaching and tutoring, and organisers are hoping Ron’s friends and former colleagues around the world will be prepared to make a contribution.

Fitting memorial

Vivienne Noyes-Thomas, development director of Christel House Europe, said: “Ron Haylock was a special friend to many of us and the months since his passing have given us time to reflect on the man we knew – a man of such varied interests and experience. His enthusiasms in life included his alma mater the University of Nottingham, flora and fauna, trees and woodland, fine wines, fine dining and of course business in all its forms, including his work with RCI, ARDA, RDO and TATOC.

“But perhaps in the final analysis, the greatest of his many passions were for South Africa, for the work of Christel House and for music. We’ve been thinking of ways of creating a fitting and lasting memorial to this multi-faceted man, and we believe we’ve found a way to honour his memory and commemorate those three overriding enthusiasms.”

Noyes-Thomas said Ron had always encouraged students at the Cape Town school to explore and make the most of their opportunities to learn music, and to find new ways to develop and express themselves that complemented their academic achievements.

A music room bearing Ron’s name will create a lasting tribute and “ensure generations of students, teachers and visitors will all be able to wonder at the legacy of a man who had so many friends and opened so many doors for young people during his lifetime”, she said.

Lasting tribute

“Ron was the epitome of ‘inclusive’ – he sought to introduce, develop and mentor so many people from different walks of life. With this memorial we seek to replicate his inclusiveness, and it will be a tribute from all his friends in equal measure.”

Noyes-Thomas explained the room will host a memorial plaque with the inscription The Ron Haylock Music Room, and carry the name of every donor, regardless of their contribution. Donation amounts will not be recorded on the memorial plaque, and all donations, irrespective of amount, will be recognised alphabetically.

Donations can be made via the JustGiving page at www.justgiving.com/ronhaylockmusicroom or by cheque to First National Trustee Company, who have agreed to act as escrow agents.

For more details contact Vivienne Noyes-Thomas on +33 562 09 26 72 or +44 (0)7802 848216 or email: vnoyes-thomas@christelhouse.org or Liz Taylor, administration manager, Christel House Europe, on +44 (0)7974 671373 or email: etaylor@uk.christelhouse.org

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