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FAQ 16: Why do management fees increase?

Management fees (also known as maintenance fees) vary considerably and are dependent on the specific resort/product and the size/amount of timeshare purchased.  Details of the maintenance fees, how they are set, when they are payable, how they can be changed, etc. will be in the Constitution of the timeshare resort or Club.

Maintenance fees are set each year in line with the Constitution and the resort will write to owners with invoice and payment details.  It is best practice for resorts/clubs to announce fees well in advance and to provide owners/owner committees with budgetary information justifying the level of fees set for the year.  Resorts frequently offer incentives for early payment and have the right to apply interest/penalty charges for late payment.

If you have any questions about the maintenance fees for your timeshare product firstly look carefully at your ownership documents for information.  If you need any further information speak directly to your resort or owners committee representative.

Further information on this can be found in TATOC Consumer Guide 61 here.

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