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TATOC, the Timeshare Association, offers a mediation service to enhance its consumer helpline service.

Our principle objective is to safeguard and enhance the timeshare holiday experience for existing and prospective users and to be the voice of timeshare owners.

In line with this objective and our commitment to consumers TATOC is offering consumers the opportunity to use a mediation service to further strengthen the Helpline facility presently offered.

The Helpline is open to ALL consumers and offers information and assistance where possible, to help consumers resolve their problems within the timeshare industry. Although very successful there are times when the information does not assist in totally resolving the problem.

Mediators do not provide a judgement of the dispute. The mediator assists the parties in reaching an agreement. Mediation does not prevent any party from taking matters further within the law.

TATOC can provide a list of mediators who are qualified or have experience of mediation. Certain lawyers have been approached to see if they are prepared to be included in the list. It is the responsibility of the mediator to inform client how they would carry out the mediation.

It is not the intention that TATOC recommends any particular lawyer or mediator; the consumer or committee will be given a list of TATOC approved mediators who have agreed to abide by the following parameters.

The requirements of a mediator are to provide:

  • To undertake to maintain client confidentiality and to ask the parties to enter into a confidentiality agreement prior to mediation.
  • To refuse to take on any mediation where there may be a conflict of interest.
  • To provide a quote for costs and fees related to the amount of the claim and possibly to charge a maximum fee of £250 to an individual consumer where the claim is valued at less than £5,000

The following mediators are available:

1 Chris Bannister 
- United Kingdom

Gregory Rowcliffe Milners


Tel: +44 207 242 0631

2 Vera Liprandi 
- Canary Islands

DeCotta McKenna Santafé


Tel: +34 922 719 520

3 Sandra Wrightson – 

DeCotta McKenna Santafé


Tel: +34 952 93 17 81

4 John Hughes – 
United Kingdom  

Shakespeare Putsman LLP


Tel: +44 0121 237 3000

5 Alex Radford 
- Spain   

Irwin Mitchell Abogados


Tel: +34 952 209 860


Physical Address:
Manchester House
84 -86 Princess St
United Kingdom
M1 6NG

Registered Address:
South Street
EX13 5AD

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