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FAQ 5: What is TATOC and what does it do?

TATOC is a consumer association run “by timeshare owners for timeshare owners”, and has grown and evolved tremendously since it was formed in 1989.

At the heart of this evolution has been our members and our mission “to safeguard and enhance the timeshare holiday experience for existing and prospective users and to be the voice of owners.”

Today, TATOC is the largest consumer association for timeshare owners in Europe with 92 resort members throughout Europe representing thousands of timeshare families.  In addition to resort membership, there is an individual membership scheme for timeshare owners or other interested individuals who wish to become a personal member.

Central to its services has been the establishment of the consumer helpline at TATOC’s offices in Manchester. Since it started in 2008 the helpline has received more than 24,000 telephone calls/e-mails and now receives around 1,000 consumer contacts every month.  The helpline has assisted consumers to either recover, or better still to avoid losing, more than £3 million.  The majority of consumer questions and difficulties are covered by Timeshare Consumer Guides.

Serving individual timeshare owners, owner committees, resorts, and reputable timeshare companies TATOC has developed into a significant force within the European timeshare industry.

TATOC is now recognised as the authoritative voice of timeshare owners. TATOC has visited both the European Commission and European Parliament and provided evidence to the House of Lords as representatives of timeshare owners.  Our remit extends to working with police forces, solicitors and banks across the country when consumers experience problems.

TATOC also runs a programme of resort accreditation for quality timeshare resorts or clubs who choose to be examined to ensure they meet the stringent consumer-based standards of TATOC’s Code of Conduct and associated Codes of Practice. Accredited resorts have to prove they provide an excellent timeshare holiday experience to their owners and visitors. Quality resorts can proudly fly the flag of accreditation and display a plaque in reception to boast their  consumer credentials.

Supporting the association’s mission to “safeguard and enhance the timeshare holiday experience”, TATOC has a recognised Timeshare Code of Conduct and associated Timeshare Codes of Practice.  These codes are a commitment by TATOC, its members, affiliated companies and accredited resorts to focus on the best interests and protection of consumers and protect the good name of the reputable timeshare industry.  The Code of Conduct contains the 11 principle objectives TATOC believes are essential to deliver on its mission.  The Code of Conduct and Codes of Practice are in the process of being registered with UK government departments as the authoritative consumer codes for timeshare owners and businesses.
TATOC publishes a quarterly magazine, Sharetime, which provides news, stories and advice to all timeshare owners, members and affiliates – all run from a separate website that provides the latest travel news.

The timeshare world is a now a very different place to 1989.  There are new companies, new products and new European regulations covering timeshare and other long-term holiday products.  TATOC is working with major timeshare companies in a joint consumer/industry forum to ensure that timeshare evolves to meet the changing needs of current and future owners and continues to provide a modern, high quality, cost effective, holiday experience to its users.

Be a part of TATOC.  Join us and support us in our work. We’d love to have you – either as an individual member, through your resort owners’ committee or as a quality affiliated company.

You can read more about TATOC’s history here.

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TATOC, the Timeshare Association, is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2014. The TATOC Consumer Helpline is TATOC's flagship service providing advice, support and information to timeshare owners and the general public. If you have a question about timeshare, don't hesitate to contact the Helpline team.

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